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money tree

money tree


Money Tree

Ceramic vase with rocks.

Aprox. 14-17 inches tall

Now Available from $ 25.oo

money tree



Money Trees bring good luck and fortune. The plant itself is already considered to be fortunate by followers of feng shui, because of its five lobed palmate leaves. A money tree plant with leaves in clusters of seven, another powerful number, is considered to be especially lucky. The leaves of the money tree plant are edible, along with the flowers and nuts that it forms. The lucky trees can often be found in powerful places in the home, because plants and living things are supposed to be good for feng shui.

The story goes that in the 1880s, a Taiwanese truck driver tried making bonsai with multiple trees, and braiding the stems together. The result, the money tree plant, can be found for sale in almost any Asian market worth its salt. The trees are heavily handled while they x, so that the stems can be braided into a central trunk of three, five, or more stems. The top of the money tree plant is allowed to grow outward normally, so that the lucky leaves can flourish.

If well cared for, a money tree plant can grow to well over six feet (two meters) in height. Even if indifferently cared for, a money tree plant will usually thrive. Low light is preferred, and the plant should be allowed to dry out between waterings. If the leaves start to crinkle or curl, the plant is being over or underwatered. The money tree plant can also be grown outdoors, in USDA Zones 9-11.

money tree



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Money Tree

moey tree

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money tree


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